The City of Dallas reached out to our team to produce a campaign that would cut through the clutter to bring attention to domestic violence after a series of unfortunate incidents in Dallas/Fort Worth. We chose to contribute to redefining masculinity by tapping into accountability and what it means to be a man. | Addy Award Winner 

Since 2004, PNC Grow Up Great® has been helping children from birth through age five develop a passion for learning that lasts a lifetime. See the Grow Up Great link to see the full campaign. | Addy Award Winner

This :30 was produced for preroll and digital displays when the client fell in like with a script and concept that took a fresh approach to sports fan narratives and identity. See the McSports link to view the full campaign.

A special thank you to Nametag Films.

In order to deliver a sports-centric campaign that any market could plug and play, we tapped into sports fan identity to show our appreciation for the nuances of fandom combined with world famous french fries. See the McSports link to view the full campaign. | Award Winner featured in Communication Arts

Omni-channel creative that moved units, launched new products, and spearheaded new approaches to storytelling for one of the world's most iconic brands

For years our team pondered the urban legend that Coca-Cola tastes better at McDonald's across all mediums

My passion for basketball led to an opportunity to write and produce a mini-doc that captures the pre-draft process for an NBA lottery pick

Broadcast, digital, and social solutions for Dr. Pepper at McDonald's

Content produced as a Creative Director in Major League Baseball

Data-driven digital, social, and broadcast creative for complex and sophisticated tech solutions

During a freelance writer role I negotiated to also produce a batch of broadcast for NBA, MLB, and NHL properties - casting, client relations, travel, budgeting... you name it

This freelance role allowed me to dive into the customer journey space for one of the pioneers of modern retail experiences

A small idea like sending breakfast to a friend turned into a cross-promotion between Chevrolet, NASCAR and McDonald's - the first of its kind and the biggest NASCAR event in McDonald's history

Print & CRM in the financial services space

This opportunity exposed me to a business model loosely based on Mary Kay and expanded my portfolio into beauty and skincare

A collection of broadcast, digital, CRM, and print across several lines of business during the brand's expansion phase

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